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Alberta Central Airways Ltd.
Safety Commitment

Safety Policy Safety is a core value of Alberta Central Airways. We are committed to provide the highest standards, and safest possible work environment to our employees and customers. We continually strive to ensure that our safety standards are not influenced by economical drivers. The companies will only become stronger by making continuous safety improvements.


A culture of openness and trust is fully supported and encouraged between all personnel. We cannot achieve this unless employees feel able to report safety concerns, incidents, occurrences, or hazards in all aspects of flight, maintenance, ground vehicles, and fuel handling confidentially and without fear of negative personal consequences or reprisals. Employees must report all incidents, injuries, and unsafe conditions to the SMS Personnel or Manager.


Only with full awareness and employee input can management correct deficiencies in a timely manner. We encourage employees to identify and report unsafe conditions in all aspects of our day- to- day operations. Our primary safety goal is to identify and correct any unsafe condition that exists within, or may affect, the organization.


Under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation employees have the following three basic rights:

• Right to refuse unsafe work.

• Right to participate in the workplace health and safety activities through the Health and Safety Committee (HSC) or as a worker health and safety representative.


• Right to know, or the right to be informed about, actual and potential dangers in the workplace


The group of companies are committed to protecting and maintaining the health and safety, physical, psychological and social well-being of all employees, customers and the general public as per legislated requirements. To demonstrate that commitment, a Harassment and Workplace Violence prevention policy has been created and implemented, applicable to all aspects of operations.


The development and maintaining of the safety management system is the responsibility of the QMS Manager and the Safety Committee. This responsibility includes establishing the system, and specifying internal safety reporting, investigation, inspection, awareness requirements, and ensuring compliance with the applicable safety legislation.


Responsibility for implementing the Safety Management System lies with the Chief Operating Officer, Persons Responsible for Maintenance, Operations Manager, Chief Pilot, and all base managers. This responsibility includes establishing support for the system in each department. Each department head will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents.


Ultimate responsibility for safety in the company rests with the Accountable Executive, who has appointed the Chief Operation Officer for functional operations. Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each one of us, from manager to front line employees. Each manager is responsible for implementing the safety management system in their area of responsibility, and will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents. All staff are responsible for safe daily operations and adherence to company policies and procedures.


The Company QMS Manager shall report to the Chief Operating Officer and the Accountable Executive, and will have direct access to all managers on safety issues.


Kevin Schaub

Chief Operating Officer

Alberta Central Airways Ltd.

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