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Meet the Team

At Alberta Central Airways, our exceptional leadership team, comprised of top performers, brings vast experience and unwavering dedication to aviation air ambulance services. We are committed to providing top-notch air medical transportation services, making critical care accessible to those in need.

CEO & Accountable Executive

Abe Neufeld

A member of the Board of Directors since it's founding in 2004, Abe stepped into the CEO and Accountable Executive Role at Alberta Central Airways Ltd in December 2023.

Abe's vision and leadership are instrumental in guiding the company toward continued success and growth.


COO & Operations Manager

Kevin Schaub

Kevin assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer and Operations Manager at Alberta Central Airways Ltd in December 2023, contributing over two decades of extensive experience in aircraft maintenance to the team. Throughout his career, Kevin has primarily specialized in medevac operations, showcasing his dedication to critical and time-sensitive missions.

Currently, Kevin is at the forefront of implementing significant changes aimed at elevating the maintenance programs within the organization. His focus is on enhancing safety measures and operational efficiency, ensuring that the company's standards reach new heights. His wealth of expertise and commitment make him a driving force behind the continuous improvement and success of the company.


Chief Pilot

Chris Pietzsch

With over 30 years of dedication to aviation, Chris's career commenced in Calgary but found its true home at Alberta Central Airways Ltd. in Lac La Biche back in 1995.

Throughout Chris's career at Alberta Central Airways, he has specialized in flying King Airs for Medevac missions and piloted DHC-6s in the Oil & Gas Industry. Chris has been an essential part of the team, contributing significantly to the company's success.

Currently holding the positions of Chief Pilot and Check Pilot since 1998, Chris looks forward to the potential opportunities arising from new relationship with the sister company CanWest as they continue to excel in the aviation industry.


Director of Maintenacne

Rene Schaub

Rene is an aviation veteran with an impressive 50-year career in the industry. His journey began in 1978 when he assumed the role of Director of Maintenance for Alberta Central Airways Ltd. Over the decades, Rene has embraced and conquered numerous challenges, particularly during the growth of Alberta Central Airways from piston engine aircraft to multi-engine pressurized turbines.

Now, with new relationship with it sister company CanWest, Rene is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team of maintenance professionals dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of a fleet of aircraft that serves thousands of customers annually.

One of the unique aspects of Rene's career is the special bond he shares with his son, as they both look forward to working together once again while pursuing their shared dream in the aviation industry.


QMS Manager

Leanne McAmmond

Leanne began her career in aviation as an AME in 2002 gaining experience in multiple roles including conducting internal audits and quality checks in 2017. It was then she took on the role of Quality Assurance Manager, demonstrating her ability to integrate critical components and create a seamless and comprehensive Quality Management System program. 

Leanne brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Alberta Central Airways Ltd., bringing her extensive expertise to further enhance the quality and safety of their operations.

Her dedication and contributions make her an invaluable member of the team.


OH&S Manager

Jenny Pietzsch

Jenny has dedicated over two decades to ACA, working both onboard the air ambulance planes and in the office, contributing significantly to the SMS and OH&S program. She embarked on her career in emergency medical care in 1998, wearing various hats in healthcare and safety roles before finding her passion in aviation.

Jenny's approach is all about prevention. She believes in addressing root causes and potential risks, fortifying foundations and ensuring aviation personnel and passengers have a safe and wellness-filled journey.


Tech Records

Susan Gehlert

Susan brings with her an impressive 28-year aviation background, beginning her journey with Alberta Central Airways Ltd. in 2001 as an apprentice. Her rapid progression led her to take charge of both the stores and technical records departments.

Susan's close partnership with the maintenance team ensures the highest level of aircraft service for their valued customers. Her extensive expertise and dedication continue to be instrumental in the company's ongoing success and growth.

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